Five Reasons Why SEO is Important for SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business whereby customers can pay to use software that is stored on a remote computer. It’s a thriving industry but discovering and converting leads can prove difficult but with the right SEO strategy delivered by a highly qualified SEO agency London, it is possible. So, why is SEO vital for SaaS?

1. It Helps Your SaaS Business Reach Your Chosen Audience

You could have the best product but if people don’t know about it then they won’t find it. Despite this, with SaaS specific B2B SEO strategies, you can appear at the top of search results where you will get noticed. This will mean that more people consider your product and are more likely to use it. What’s more, if you fulfil their needs then they are going to share your product to more people.

2. Enhances Website Traffic

For SaaS growth, SEO is vital as it is scalable and it is an approach that can help businesses to get noticed. When people are searching for a product, they will begin their search with Google or a search engine, which includes business owners who are actively looking for SaaS products.

Therefore, to turn potential clients into paying clients, you need SEO to help you drive traffic. When you rank well with search engines and in particular when you rank at the top, you are going to receive 31.7% of all the clicks and that will ensure that a massive volume of traffic flows to your website. Once you make it to the number one spot, you will also be able to predict how much traffic you will get and that can help you to determine how much to invest.

3. Get Ahead of Competitors

When businesses are positioned in the number one spot on search engines, trust increases and that’s why SEO can help you to stand out from your competitors. It’s likely that your competitors are already doing what they can to enhance their rankings with inbound marketing and that is a strategy that you have to take advantage of. This involves attracting potential customers using content marketing or SEO.

4. It Increases the Number of People Who Subscribe to Your Software

Many SaaS businesses have seen a significant increase in conversions when they have utilised content marketing as part of their SEO strategy. Customers often search for solutions to problems that your software promises to solve and so, the higher you rank, the more likely their decision will be influenced. People place a lot of trust in Google and that means that by ranking at the top, your credibility will be enhanced.

So, if you have great content then you are going to be able to give your customers the information, they need to influence their decisions.

5. Removes the Need to Rely on Paid Ads

Paid advertisements can work but they can really deplete budgets which is not an option for SaaS companies. Using paid channels initially is a great way of generating conversions, once the business grows it will need to turn to long-term SEO strategies that are cost-effective. With paid advertising, once you stop paying, the traffic will disappear. However, an SEO strategy from an SEO agency London, you will continue to see traffic grow while you can still have an element of flexibility when it comes to your budget.

So, it’s clear to see that SEO is vital for SaaS businesses but avoiding spending money on the right strategies will only mean that you fall behind your competitors.

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