SEO for Hotels

SEO for Hotels: What It Is and Why You Need It

SEO for Hotels

For the better part of 2 years, hotels across the globe were either shuttered or barely hanging on. Suddenly, everyone is heading to the airport, the train station or is packing the car to get away. The surge in demand has been music to the hotel industry’s ears, but it doesn’t mean much for your hotel if your website is buried on page 10 of search results. PNdigital offer effective and affordable SEO for hotels that will ensure you are able to cash in on exploding demand. 

How Does SEO for Hotels Work?

Travel reservations were one of the first things to migrate in force to the internet. People love the convenience of being able to book a flight and a hotel anywhere with just a few taps of their smartphone screen. If your hotel website has a strong, purposeful SEO campaign behind it it’s well-positioned to benefit from the post-pandemic travel boom. If it doesn’t you’ll be ceding customers to the competition.

Our SEO for hotels works by examining your current website top to bottom, inside and out. We determine what’s working and what’s holding you back and then work to bring your site up to speed with Google’s search algorithm. Here are just a few of the key components of our SEO services for hotels:

  • We ensure your site is mobile friendly – If your website was built for PCs you’re losing customers. People today use smartphones and Google gives ranking preference to mobile-friendly sites. 
  • We make sure your site loads fast – With wireless broadband available almost everywhere people expect websites to load fast. Really fast. We make sure your hotel website does.
  • We ensure your site is technically sound – If Google thinks the technical aspects of your site are not up to snuff they’ll drop you in search results. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

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If your hotel website is little more than a digital billboard no one sees it’s time to call PNditigal and inquire about SEO for hotels. We’ve helped scores of clients transform their underperforming sites into the lynchpin of their marketing strategy.