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How SEO for Limo Companies Works

If you had 2 limo companies that were essentially equal in all other ways but one engaged in SEO for their website and one did not, the one with the SEO campaign behind it would attract more business. That’s a simple fact of life in the 2020s. Our SEO for limo companies focuses on bringing your website in line with what search engines want to see. That means we:

  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly: These days search engines essentially ignore websites that are not optimised to perform on mobile devices.
  • Make sure your site loads fast: The average web surfer will wait 3 seconds for a page to load before exiting. We make sure your site loads lightning-fast.
  • Make sure there are no backend problems: Search engines also examine the coding behind your site. If they find dead end java scripts or outdated HTML tags they will demote the site.

Constant Vigilance

Besides performing all of the above updates and website modifications we also keep a sharp eye out for search engine algorithm updates. Google alone rolls out approximately 300 updates per year, so it’s a fair bet that some of them are going to impact your site. By continuously monitoring for updates we are able to move quickly to counteract any damage an algorithm update might do to your search ranking. It’s just one more way we separate ourselves from the SEO pack.

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Without SEO for limo companies, your website is just one of more than 1 billion websites no one will ever see. To learn more about how SEO can benefit your limousine company website get in touch with PNdigital today.