We Increased E-comm Site Traffic by over 400%

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How We Helped a Construction Company Double Profits and Increase Leads by 237%

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seo client 1700% growth
Cosmetic Clinic Traffic Increased by over 1700% in 12 months

In just 12 months we’ve increased traffic for this premier UK Cosmetic Surgery clinic over 1700%.Average daily traffic increased from […]

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How We Helped An IT Recruitment Agency Achieve A 156% Increase In Leads

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How we Helped a Herbal Medicine Company Increase online sales by 1452.74% within 8 months

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We Helped a Car Parts Company Treble Revenue and Increase Traffic Six-Fold

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Guaranteed Page 1 Results

SEO Agency London

At PN Digital, we’re proud of the successes our clients have achieved thanks to our help. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries, and we’re always excited to see the results of our efforts.

‘You are the best SEO company in London’ – Mark 

Client success stories are one of the best ways for us to show you what we’re capable of. By reading about the real-world results our clients have achieved, you can get a better idea of what we can do for you.

So if you’re curious about what we can do for your business, be sure to check out our client success stories.

Voted the #1 SEO Company by Clutch

PN Digital has been at the forefront of digital marketing for over 10 years and with one of the most experienced teams of SEO specialists, Google Ads and Social Media marketing managers we understand exactly what it takes to deliver the results on time. With a vast experience of working in the industry, we are confident that we can help your business stand out. Our commitment to helping your business achieve success is driven by our ability to implement SEO solutions that can set you apart and help you get noticed. We understand the importance of having a presence online and so, we work effortlessly to maximise your exposure to unlock your potential. We were voted as the best SEO company by Clutch in 2023. See our reviews here.

UK Based SEO Company that Delivers Page 1 Results Every time!

Offering a range of services including SEO services and PPCMobile App Development, Website Design and Development and Digital Marketing, we are well-positioned and equipped to help your business flourish. As a team of professionals, we collaborate, build relationships and learn about each client, enabling you to benefit from everything that a leading SEO services agency in London has to offer. Our commitment is underpinned by our belief that your business deserves to get noticed, so we make that happen.

Why our clients love our SEO

We provide competitive prices and have the professional expertise to look after your SEO services & digital marketing needs.

Position 1 Results Make a Difference

Anyone who has ever tried to search for something on Google knows that the higher up on the page the results are, the more likely you are to click on them. We help you get to the top.

Lasting Results

Once you have achieved a good ranking, it is much easier to maintain your position as compared to other marketing channels where you have to constantly invest to stay visible. PN Digital only employ white-hat SEO techniques to ensure long-term results.

Experts in their field

We pride ourselves on having the highest qualified and experienced team of digital marketing & SEO specialists. Our PPC and SEO team have been in the field for many years and they know exactly how to produce results time after time. Our team will become an extension of your own and are here to strengthen and coordinate your marketing efforts and results.

Powerful Tools

We have a suite of powerful tools which enable us to deliver the best possible results. These tools allow us to track progress, communicate with clients, and manage deadlines effectively.

Bespoke SEO Service

We offer a bespoke SEO service, tailored to suit your specific needs. We’ll work with you to create a unique package that takes into account your budget, target audience and desired outcome.


We understand that the confidential information you share with us is important to you and your business. That’s why we offer a confidential agreement that ensures your information will be kept confidential.

Ahead of the curve

SEO in particular is a fast evolving landscape. With the addition of recent AI technology and how search is likely to change our team have been working tirelessly to test the latest methods and techniques to ensure our customers are ahead of the curve. This includes Google Discover, SGE and more.

Communication is key

Being great at producing the results is just one important factor. Communication is the key to success and that’s why you’re only ever one call, email, WhatsApp, slack DM away from your dedicated SEO/PPC  account specialist.

Why our SEO clients love us

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Successful SEO Clients

Joe Webster
Joe Webster
Worked with Pndigital for a couple years, great guys and knowledgeable in the field. Would definitely recommend having a talk with them if you are considering investing in SEO.
Jundy “jundz” Marsada
Jundy “jundz” Marsada
From the start I was incredibly impressed by PNdigital with their expertise and skillset and feel lucky to have found such a company. They now manage the SEO and PPC campaigns for all 5 of our businesses. They are great people to work with and exceptionally knowledgeable in their field. They clearly keep up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in SEO and PPC and they demonstrated a deep understanding of how to effectively optimize our websites and campaigns for maximum results. They are constantly exploring new techniques and strategies, testing and analyzing their performance, and adjusting their approach accordingly. Overall, I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking to improve their SEO and PPC efforts. They are a pleasure to work with, incredibly knowledgeable, and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their field.
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez
These guys are the leaders in the SEO industry. I highly recommend looking at what they offer and see how it could help your business as it has done wonders for mine.
Janette Vince
Janette Vince
Really pleased I found PNDigital, I have been with them for 3 months and my website ranking has improved each month. I love that they give monthly reports of what’s been done and what the next steps are. Not all SEO companies are as professional. Great work so far.
John P. Eugenides
John P. Eugenides
As a construction company, finding the right marketing partner can be a daunting task. But since partnering with Pndigital we have seen a significant increase in qualified leads and conversions. Their unique approach to targeting has allowed us to reach our desired audience with ease. The team's constant communication and data driven optimizations have resulted in a higher return on investment for our advertising spend. We have also moved our SEO business to them too as of this month and I am looking forward to seeing what this brings in terms of results over the next few months.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar
Greate agency their work is good and they deliver what they say
Céline Neira
Céline Neira
We have a great working relationship with Josh and the team. When compared to last year our sales are up +350%. I cannot thank them enough for their productivity and contribution to our overall digital marketing strategy.
Edwin Chung
Edwin Chung
Our PPC ads campaign is performing so much better now. When we started working with PNdigital we were paying on average about $170 to acquire a new customer. By the end of our first 3 months, this has decreased down to $63 on average. The steps they took mean we can now allocate more budget to the best performing campaigns and have a clear growth strategy in place
Kone Mamadou
Kone Mamadou
Amazing company that has really helped to build my business from the ground up. Thank you!
The google ads campaign has been a huge success and this team is professional and really know what they are doing! Lucy has been very lovely to work with and extremely helpful. I really appreciate her patience with all my questions too!

Increase your online sales today Get a FREE SEO Audit

    Website Optimisation

    Technical Website Optimisation refers to the process of improving the structure and code of a website to make it more accessible to search engines. This can involve improving the web site’s URL structure, enhancing its meta tags, increasing its internal linking, and much more. By improving the technical aspects of a website, we can improve your website’s visibility on search engine results pages, helping to attract more traffic and improve your bottom line.

    Specialist Keyword Research

    Keyword research is essential for a successful SEO campaign. It allows us to identify the key phrases and terms that potential customers are using to search for businesses like yours. Once we know what keywords to target, we can optimise your website and content for these terms. In addition, keyword research can help us to understand the competition and make sure that your SEO strategy is targeted and effective.

    Detailed Granular SEO Audit

    SEO audits are crucial for assessing the quality and effectiveness of your website’s SEO. They help us to identify areas for improvement, understand how your SEO efforts are performing, and track progress over time. We conduct our audits both manually and using specialist software tools. Our detailed SEO audits assess many features of your website, including a keyword density review, checking for broken links, evaluating site structure, and testing page speed.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


    Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, but not everyone knows how to get there. 99% of our clients achieve page 1 Google rankings in 6 months or less.


    Increase your company’s visibility online, increase relevant visitors to your website and increase the number of visitors converting into customers.

    SEO Marketing

    SEO Marketing

    SEO marketing is at the beating heart of your business because at PNDigital, we appreciate the importance of getting noticed. If you want your business to grow, increase sales and experience an impressive ROI then our range of SEO services are designed to support your business goals.

    SEO Service Company

    From site migration to optimised web content, getting ranked on Google’s first page requires that perfect blend of precision and expertise. As London SEO Experts, we can help you cut through the crowd and get noticed while the right strategies can help your business move up the rankings. Using White Hat SEO techniques, we ensure we do things the right way, enabling you to take your business to the next level.

    SEO for E-commerce

    In the world of E-commerce, achieving visibility and driving organic traffic to your online store is paramount. Our SEO services for E-commerce businesses are designed to enhance your digital presence and boost revenue. From optimizing product listings and improving site structure to implementing strategic keywords and enhancing user experience, our team of experts ensures your online store ranks higher on search engines, attracting potential customers and increasing conversions. With PN Digital, you’ll unlock the power of SEO to propel your E-commerce business to new heights

    SEO for SaaS

    In the dynamic realm of SaaS, harnessing the power of effective SEO is imperative. PN Digital specializes in tailoring SEO strategies to elevate your SaaS brand’s online presence and market positioning. Our approach goes beyond standard practices, delving deep into your software’s unique value proposition and target audience. From optimizing technical aspects and crafting compelling content to aligning with industry-specific keywords and enhancing user experience, we employ a comprehensive strategy that propels your SaaS business to the forefront of search engine results. With PN Digital as your trusted partner, we’ll help you unlock the potential of SEO, driving organic traffic, and fostering a strong online presence to captivate potential users and boost conversions.

    Local SEO

    For local businesses, achieving visibility within your community is crucial. PN Digital specializes in Local SEO, offering a tailored approach to ensure your brick-and-mortar establishment ranks prominently in local search results. Our strategies focus on optimizing your online presence, managing online reviews, and harnessing the power of location-based keywords. We understand the importance of appearing on Google Maps and ensuring your business details are accurate and consistent across online directories. With our expertise in Local SEO, we help local businesses establish a strong digital footprint, driving foot traffic, attracting local customers, and enhancing your brand’s reputation within your target area. Choose PN Digital for an effective and localized SEO strategy that delivers tangible results for your local business.”


    Has Your Site Been Negatively Impacted by Google Updates?

    Has Your Site Been Negatively Impacted by Google Updates?

    Google is a search engine with a lot of queries every day. To compensate for the volume of search requests, Google frequently performs updates which help to regulate how searching works and the way that keywords are used in the Google algorithm.

    However, any business which is trying to use Google as a way to boost their traffic will struggle with these updates because it often involves making precise tweaks to their web content. If you’re not sure how to do that, it’s a tricky task!

    That’s where we come in. As a leading SEO agency, we can use our skillset to make sure that your business benefits.

    Leading SEO Experts Working For You

    We’re an SEO company with a passion for developing amazing services and the ability to see things through to the end. This means that when a Google update messes with the ranking of your website, we can help you put it right quickly and effectively.

    Our team of trained SEO professionals work around the clock to make sure that your website is built to keep up with current SEO standards. We understand what each update means for the algorithm, so we can advise you on the correct decisions to make.

    Even a few days with incorrect keywords and search engine optimisation can severely impact your business. We aim to correct the situation as soon as possible because we know that you don’t have time to waste.

    How We Help You?

    We work tirelessly to provide you with SEO services that will help you to improve your business.

    Our talented team begins by taking a look at the current update and identifying what needs to be included for the algorithm to rank your business as high as possible. Once we have done that, we can start to explore your website in detail.

    As a London SEO company, we can provide you with alterations to the existing web content that you have. These changes are necessary for making sure that your website harmonises with the new update for the algorithm as best it can. Often, these changes are very precise and require an expert hand to implement them properly without compromising the quality of your business. That’s exactly what we do.

    Why Do You Need a London SEO Agency?

    You might question why you need the regular services of a London SEO agency. Well, it’s actually got something to do with the frequency that Google makes changes to the algorithm. This isn’t just happening once a year.

    Google can release these updates for the algorithm multiple times a month, sometimes culminating in hundreds of updates every year. This means that the SEO of your website needs to be constantly updated to maintain compliance with the algorithm. Most businesses don’t realise this, which means they wonder why traffic starts to taper off through the year.

    Contact PN Digital Today

    Any good SEO agency in London would be more than happy to provide you with constant support throughout the year to make sure that your business maintains compliance with the latest algorithm. We are committed to helping as many people as we can because we understand how important it can be for you to get the best results.

    Contact us today if you have any need for an SEO company in London. A team member will be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements to make sure that you get the best results. It’s important for us that you are allowed access to the resources that work for you, so speak to us today.

    Frequently Answered Questions

    There are numerous SEO techniques that companies use to deliver results. Some of these techniques are called “White Hat SEO,” which refers to practices and strategies that follow the rules of search engines.

    There main purpose is to bring more value to users.

    And then there’s “Black Hat SEO,” which refers to techniques and strategies that attempt to trick search engines into listing your website higher among search results.

    Black Hat SEO can work, but it’s a risky move that can impose high penalties, like having your page removed from search results altogether. The ethical implications alone are enough to warrant its avoidance.

    What’s more, it’s all the more reason to make sure you partner with SEO specialists who put in the work to ensure organic search results.

    25 years ago ranking for various search terms was relatively easy and you could see results in a couple of weeks. That’s because there were only 20,000 or so websites in the world. Today there are well over 1 billion websites. So getting yours to the top of organic search results takes hard work, expertise and patience.

    How to find a good SEO company

    That said, it is not unreasonable to assume that if the SEO company in London you’re working with does their job well – and you put adequate financial resources behind the SEO effort – that you should see quantifiable results in 6 months to a year.

    Keep in mind too that, out of necessity, our answer is steeped in caution and that it is entirely possible you could see significant results in less time than that.

    The term “on-page SEO” refers to actions taken by the SEO company in London to improve the integrity and performance of a website, such as:

    • Ensuring meta tags, title tags and headers contain keywords.
    • Ensuring the website loads quickly.
    • Making sure the site is mobile-friendly (extremely important).
    • Eliminating duplicate content.
    • Cleaning up the backend coding.
    • Making sure all images are optimised and have “alt” tags.
    • Replacing poorly written content.

    How a website performs for visitors is an important factor Google uses to help them determine if a website is worthy of a high ranking in search results. So on-page SEO is actually very important.

    SEO is an acronym that stands for “Search Engine Optimisation.” This is the practice of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic and brand exposure through non-paid, or organic, search engine results.

    As such, quality SEO services require work on both the search engine side of things and the people side of things. This means understanding what consumers want when they search online. This in itself covers a multitude of essential components that SEO experts need to know to ensure optimal results.

    For starters, what does it mean when someone searches for ‘ABC’ or ‘XYZ’. What kind of answers and content do they expect to get as a result of their searches, and how do most people prefer their solutions to be presented to them?

    Equally important are the keywords that consumers use when performing their online searches. When you have SEO experts who fully understand these principles, you can look forward to your website enjoying higher rankings among search results.

    SEO Agency with a proven track record

    And that’s precisely the kind of knowledge and expertise you can expect when you partner with PNdigital. As a result, it will be easier for your business to connect with people searching online for the solutions you provide.

    Keywords make the cyber-world go ‘round. Keywords are those words or terms people enter into search boxes to find the things they’re looking for. You want your site to be prominently listed if someone searches for your particular product or service. But if you operate in a competitive niche this is not easy.

    SEO Services & Keyword Investigation

    As such, any SEO company in London worthy of the title is adept at conducting keyword research. Keyword research can reveal important keywords people use but your competitors overlook. This allows you to fashion your content in a way that takes advantage of these keywords and gives your site a competitive advantage.

    Paid advertising, social media, and other online platforms can indeed bring traffic to websites. However, most online traffic comes from search engines. Furthermore, true, organic search results account for a larger portion of internet real estate.

    And this year alone, Google has already had more than 360 billion searches (and counting). In fact, Google makes up over 70% of all search results on a global scale. To take it a step further, the first five search results on the first page of Google are responsible for nearly 68% of all search clicks.

    SEO Marketing

    The need for experienced SEO cannot be overstated. If you’re ready to increase your website’s ranking, contact the experts at PNdigital SEO Agency London today for your free consultation.