SEO for NFTs

SEO for NFT brokers by PNdigital

If you are an NFT broker you need a way to market your wares to the investing public. That means having a high-visibility website that’s easy for people to find. But websites don’t appear at the top of search results by happy coincidence. They get there by having an effective SEO campaign behind them. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the process of transforming a rough-hewn website into a polished conversion machine that ticks all the boxes Google wants to see in a website.

That means it:

Loads lighting fast: The average person will only allow 3 seconds for a page to load before they
exit. That’s down from 8 seconds 10 – 15 years ago.Provides quality content: NFTs can be expensive. If someone is to invest in your NFTs they want
to know they can trust you. High-quality, informative content is how you begin to earn that

Features intuitive navigation: An NFT investor doesn’t want to spend their time chasing dead
ends. Your site’s navigation must be crystal clear and logical.

Looks good: Nothing undermines the credibility of a website like cheap-looking images and
poorly produced video.

Contains relevant keywords: Those words people type into the search box are not just words,
they’re keywords. You need to know what your customers are searching for and then infuse
your site content with those keywords in a way that seems natural.

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Less than 5 percent of web surfers ever venture past page 1 of search results. After the team at PNdigital are done with your website it will work its way up the ladder of search results until it’s in a position to drive significant traffic your way. In short, SEO for NFT brokers by PNdigital will enable your site to realise its potential.