SEO for Accountants

SEO for Accountants Transforms Your Dormant Website

SEO for Accountants

These days it’s absolutely crucial for accountants to have a website. But a website alone is not enough. You need a way to drive traffic to that site so that it can do its job of generating leads and producing conversions. That’s where we come in. We’re PNdigital. We provide leading-edge SEO for accountants that puts them on the map, literally.

What is SEO for Accountants?

As in-demand as accountants are these days they will not generate much business without a website that has been optimised for search. Search Engine Optimisation is what separates the winners from the also-rans today. Without an effective SEO campaign behind it, your website is little more than an expensive digital billboard lost among the billion or so other digital billboards that populate cyberspace.

SEO is the process of transforming your dormant website into one that regularly appears at or near the top of organic search results. That is crucial because 90% of web searchers never venture past the top 10 search results. Our multi-pronged approach to SEO puts every aspect of your website under the critical microscope and then refashions it to adhere to what search engines want to see.

How It Works

An SEO campaign from PNdigital cuts your website loose from the anchors that are holding it back. We cover all the bases including:

1. Keywords, keywords, keywords

We provide expert keyword research and integration into site content, meta descriptions, page titles and more.

2. High-quality content

Every word, every picture, every statistic needs to help establish your authority. If it doesn’t, it’s just dead weight.

3. Lighting fast loading

The average web surfer today allows 3 seconds for a web page to load. We’ll make sure your site is up to the challenge.

4. Mobile friendliness

There are now 5 times as many internet-ready smartphones in the world as there are PCs. Your website must be optimised for mobile. No buts.

5. Voice search optimisation

Voice search is rapidly overtaking typed search. We’ll make sure your website is able to respond effectively to voice searches.

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