SEO for Insurance Companies

SEO for Insurance Companies: Why You Need It

SEO for Insurance Companies

Competition in the insurance business is fierce. If you do not have a website providing a steady stream of leads you’ll be swimming against the tide. But even the fanciest, most expensive website isn’t worth much if your customers can’t find it. That’s why you need SEO for insurance companies from PNdigital.

Why SEO for Insurance Companies Matters

Nearly everyone these days has an internet-enabled mobile device and they use them for everything from getting driving directions to buying movie tickets to making doctor’s appointments and buying insurance. If your website is not generating traffic, leads and conversions it’s almost certainly due to a lack of SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is what enables some companies to thrive in the digital age, and a lack thereof is why many companies founder.

SEO is how your website communicates with search engines. Fair or not it is Google’s search algorithm that determines online success or failure these days. The bottom line is that they are not going to adjust that algorithm to suit your needs, you will need to make sure your website is in tune with their algorithm. You do that by contacting the team at PNdigital.

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Our SEO services cover the broad spectrum of SEO concerns including:

Website loading speed

If your web pages don’t load within 3 seconds you will lose the majority of potential customers, because that’s how long people wait these days before tapping the “back” button.

Mobile friendliness

There are 5 times as many smartphones in the world today as PCs. Google understand this and give preference to websites that are optimised for mobile.

The creation of high-quality content

The days of being able to get by with keyword stuffing are long gone. Today, your website’s content needs to express your expertise and authority.

Generating relevant backlinks

If your site, and by extension your company, is to thrive you will need to establish a variety of strategically useful backlinks. We can do that for you.

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