SEO for Gyms

The Importance of SEO for Gyms

When people decide to join a gym the first thing most of them do is pick up their smartphone and tap on the Google app. There they enter keywords like “gyms near me” and hit “search”. 90% of people will tap on one of the results on the first page, and only 1% will ever make it past page 2. An effective SEO campaign is how you ensure your gym website appears on that first page of search results.

How it Works

An SEO campaign from PNdigital addresses all the things that make your website attractive to search engines. By the time our team of experts are done optimising your site, it will:

  • Load lightning fast: The average person only waits 3 seconds for a web page to load. We make sure your web pages get in under that limit.
  • Be mobile friendly: With all due respect to PC lovers 3/4 of all internet activity these days originates with mobile devices. We make sure your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Contain useful keywords: Those words people enter into search boxes are called “keywords” and they’re internet gold. We make sure your site ranks high for important keywords.
  • Be technically sound: Search engines don’t just look at loading speed and keywords. They also check to make sure your site is technically sound under the hood. We make sure yours is.

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SEO for gyms by PNdigital is how you get your gym in front of the people who want it here in the 2020s. Get in touch with PNdigital today and learn how we can help you.