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While the death of link building as an aspect of Search Engine Optimisation has been predicted for some time it has yet to materialise. The fact is link building is still essential if you want Google to rank your website highly in its search results, meaning you need to work with a link building agency that knows what it’s doing.

At PNDigital, we have years of experience in the art of link building, and make no mistake, it is an artform. You need to know exactly which type of websites will yield the most useful links and then deploy them in a way that optimises the client’s position within organic search results while at the same time driving traffic.

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Why the link building agency you choose matters

Not all links are created equal. If the agency you employ to produce high-quality links instead creates links to a private blog network (PBN), a cheap link service, or press releases your website could wind up being penalised by Google instead of boosted. 

At PNDigital, we do the hard work of creating links that will shine a favourable light on your website, attract positive attention from search engines and enhance your brand image and authority. Every link we create for you will have a vital role to play in the overall SEO strategy so that your site can emerge from the digital forest at or near the top of organic search results.

Link building that works for you

There are two kinds of link building these days: link building that works to further your business goals, and link building that undermines those goals by using “black hat” techniques. The team at PNDigital are completely committed to the success of our clients so we always take the high road when it comes to anything that will influence your website’s standing with the major search engines.

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Link building is not dead. But if the link building agency you hire does shoddy work your website could be. There’s too much at stake to take chances. Get in touch with the team at PNDigital and rest easy knowing your website is in good hands.