SEO for Retail Websites

If your retail website is to succeed it will need an effective SEO campaign behind it. Talk to the team at PNDigital about our SEO for retail websites.

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SEO for Retail Websites

Online retail is experiencing near exponential growth with the internet economy now larger than that of Germany, France or the UK. That growth is underpinned by search engines like Google, which is what people use to help them locate the product or service they’re interested in.

Effective SEO for retail websites enables a site to appear at or near the top of organic search results. Why is that important? Because only 8% of people click through to the second page of search results, and less than 1% ever go past page 3. So if your retail website does not appear on page 1 – or at worst page 2 – it might as well be invisible.

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The importance of SEO for Retail Websites

Where your website appears in organic (non-paid) search results will determine whether it becomes a productive component of your overall business, or if it’s just another expensive billboard on the information superhighway that nobody sees.

Effective retail SEO:

  • Generates clicks – More than 34% of web searchers click on the first search result. By the time you reach result #5 the click-through rate is down to 6%.
  • Increases your brand authority – People are subconsciously impressed by companies that turn up at the top of search results. It makes that business seem more authoritative than others, whether it is or not.
  • Lowers your marketing costs – The ROI for appearing at or near the top of organic search results is staggering. It’s the kind of thing that can send conversions through the roof.

How it works

The SEO team go through your website with a fine tooth comb assessing the effectiveness of each element in helping to curry favour with search engines and drive traffic. Product details, images, URLs, load speed and more are then optimised to bring them in line with current search engine algorithms. SEO for retail websites is a painstaking process, but when done right the results can be eye-popping.

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The Bottom Line

If you want to make the most of your retail website get in touch with the team at PNDigital. We will devise an SEO strategy for you that will help your website succeed in today’s ultra-competitive internet marketplace.