SEO for Cleaning Companies

SEO for Cleaning Companies

When most people think of Search Engine Optimisation cleaning companies are probably not the first thing that comes to their mind. But just as software companies, lawyers, restaurants and retailers need effective SEO campaigns to engage their audience, so too do cleaning companies large and small. PNdigital provide affordable, effective SEO for cleaning companies that help separate them from the competition.

The Importance of SEO for Cleaning Companies

When an office manager, clinic owner or mall operator needs to find a company to keep their business ship-shape they turn to the internet and conduct a search for “cleaning companies near me” or something similar. 10 times out of 10 the companies that appear at or near the top of the search results are the ones with an effective SEO campaign working for them. They are also the ones who get the job. 

An SEO campaign from PNdigital will address all the factors search engines use to determine if a website is worthy of a position on page 1. Those essentials include:

  • Loading speed – 15 years ago the average person would wait 8 seconds for a site to load before hitting the “back” button. Today that’s down to 3 seconds.
  • Mobile compatibility – A few years back Google tweaked their algorithm to give preference to mobile-friendly websites. If your site is designed for PCs you’re in trouble.
  • Keywords – When someone enters a phrase in a search engine they’re actually entering keywords. The content of your cleaning site will need to contain phrases that match those search terms.
  • Authoritativeness – Google is big on promoting sites it believes represent authoritative voices in a given sector. Even in the cleaning sector.
  • Other elements – The quality of your website’s coding, whether images are optimised and have “alt” tags, backlinks, social media integration and more all play a role in determining your website’s ability to impress search engines.

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