How To Be On Top In Google

Every business now thinks of “How to be on top in Google Search Engine“A decade ago, creating a website and getting it ranked on Google was not as hard as it has become in today’s date. Decide on a domain, learn some basic coding, a little bit of keyword research with some meta tags and about 250 words article. And you were done for the most part, and your site was ranked on top in Google search engine.

Many of the tips that applied to get a site ranked to the top 10 in Google a decade ago might not be sufficient to get results in the present day because of Google’s updated algorithm which requires a site to contain quality content and some other necessary adjustments.

how to be on top in google search engine

How to achieve first-page ranking in Google

Tips on how to be on top in Google and to optimize your site according to its algorithm in coming years.

  1. Marketing Basic Knowledge and Implementation

No matter how many innovative inventions are introduced in the market, SEO is an essential marketing tool. It doesn’t matter if SEO is for a retail store or a local pop store. Approaching SEO without a proper plan is like swimming without water. You may get somewhere eventually, but it won’t be where you wanted to be or when you wanted to be.

Answer at least these questions before jumping into SEO:

  • What is your area of expertise?
  • Why should users care about you or your business?
  • Which users fit your criteria?
  • What is your competition and why should you be higher than your competition in Google?

You must have a strategy for your content i.e. time, topic, etc. Conduct proper research and set goals because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

  1. How to Properly Structure Your Site for Best Results

Plan your site for an easy to navigate and user-friendly structure.

website structure to get top ranked in google

Website structure to get top ranking in Google

Initial plan may sound a lot to grasp, but there are tougher, important things in building and organizing your site. You can’t be the expert on everything unless and until you are Google or Amazon. Select a topic which you think you can best entertain an audience with and do a thorough keyword research. Divide your site into several topics so that both users and search engines can know your expertise.

  1. Constructing a Digital Footprint is Essential

The search engine is not everything. Also embrace social marketing platforms, guest blogging, etc.

social media for top 10 google ranking

Social Media to get top ranking in Google

As SEO people, we want business visibility in as many places as many possible on the web which would in return give better search engine visibility and organic clicks. Traditional SEO is important, but one should also consider using other platforms for promotion and adopt any form of marketing that gets people talking about their brand.
Notice this that it is not just about the number of inbound links, authority, citations along with mentions and associations is also imperative for a site to get ranked on top in Google search engine.

  1. Multiple Screens Design is Fundamental

Create such site that is user-friendly and runs perfectly on all platforms especially mobile phones and tablets.

Google has made it very clear that not mobile friendly, no Google love. With the introduction of Android devices, many are seen browsing more on their phones and tablets than on desktops. If your site is not optimized for these devices, you are missing out on millions of potential customers. Your web design should be responsive and adjust itself to on whatever device it is used.

There are probably several more tips that can get you ranked on top in Google but we’ll stop right here. With Google’s new updates, SEO is rapidly changing and if one is just focusing on getting inbound links then that business may face penalty and could be struck out of Google. Go for authority and quality.

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