Your New Year Resolution Needs to Have a Special Place for SEO

Thanksgiving is almost around the corner and it’s that time of year when folks often get bemused over New Year’s resolutions.

As a business owner, you are no doubt making a few of your own. And if you’re wondering what resolutions you need to make to improve, expand and better your business, we have a few ideas:

SEO “Do-nows” to Kick off 2019 with a Bang

Whether you’re just starting your business or a seasoned entrepreneur who’s been in the trade for a good few years – expanding the business should be one of the top items on your agenda. And when it comes to business expansion, trends come and go – however, SEO has stood the test of time and is the key to a successful marketing, expansion and business domination strategy.

You Need to Plan Ahead

One of the best things you can do to see quick results and leave your competitors in the dust, is to think ahead in terms of SEO 2019. You certainly don’t want to be the last one to jump in at a time when everyone else is already getting mad clicks and mining top keywords for ranking purposes.

So, the sooner you craft targeted content, the better. And, the more likely that content will rank high once the topic becomes relevant. You may have observed how articles start to pop up left and right well ahead of a highly anticipated movie or videogame release.

Rockstar Games launched their latest blockbuster masterpiece, Read Dead Redemption 2, on October 26 this year. The game grossed a mind-numbing $750 million in just three days, which makes this the second highest three-day sales ranking ever achieved by an interactive entertainment product.

Based on its past successes, it was already predicted that the second Red Dead Redemption game was going to do exceptionally well. The developers knew that this ‘boom’ was inevitable – they started thinking ahead several months and started mining the search term “red dead redemption 2” before anyone would even get a chance to enter it on Google – to rank high after the game’s release.

Plan ahead – at least a few months ahead of developing trends in your industry if you want to rank high in 2019.

You Need to Make Those Posts Share-worthy

Never take your posts’ share-worthiness for granted. You’ll essentially rank higher in 2019 if your posts are shared throughout multiple social media channels.

A good starting point: make your content digestible and relatable. No one wants to look up technical terms or have a dictionary handy while reading your content.

Another aspect to consider is the inclusion of trustworthy links. Your readers should be able to check out links to useful stats or related studies, for example. So, relay relevant, fresh and high-value information in every blog you post.

Videos are actually a superb way to boost your posts’ share-worthiness. In fact, videos and images draw in a lot more users than text alone. By including engaging videos with ranking keywords to match, you will suck up more traffic through YouTube and Google SEO.

Start by implementing just these two tips this year and see your SEO skyrocket in 2019.


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