Why Your Ecommerce Business Should Be Using TikTok Ads
Posted by PNdigital

TikTok seems to be everywhere these days, and there’s a lot of buzz around the latest social media platform to hit the big time. But whether you’re a TikTok user or not, have you considered running ads on the platform for your ecommerce business? If not, now could be a good time to start looking into your options.

TikTok and Ads

TikTok is a video app for smartphones that allows anyone to start creating and uploading short videos. It’s incredibly simple to use, which is part of the reason it has become so popular so quickly.

It started to provide the option of running ads last year, and there are now various advertising options on the platform including brand takeovers, in-feed video ads, branded lenses and hashtag challenges.

You can find out more about your options at the TikTok for Business website. Here, you can find out all about the tools available to help you get discovered, communicate with your target audience, and engage with the community.

Reasons to Advertise on TikTok

If you run an ecommerce store, there are lots of good reasons why you may want to advertise in TikTok. Here are a few.

Huge User Base (and Growing!)


Back in June 2019, TikTok had more than 500 million active users. A year later, it has over a billion users around the world. It has also been downloaded over two billion times as of April 2020.


The fact that it is so popular around the world is good news for ecommerce businesses. If you sell to customers in different countries, TikTok is a platform you can use to reach your audience wherever they are.

Target Generation Z

If your store targets younger users, you cannot ignore TikTok. With 41 per cent of TikTok users in the 16-to-24 age group, this is an app for Generation Z.

Active Users

TikTok users are active. They don’t download the app and then never use it again, like so many other apps. In fact, 90 per cent of users access TikTok daily, which is a huge number.

More Older Users Getting Involved

While the young audience is huge, social networks tend to start attracting older audiences over time. So even if you target an older audience, you may find value in TikTok too. In fact, US adults have been showing more interest over the last year, and this could keep growing.

Problems with Facebook

To top it off, Facebook has been hit by a huge advertising boycott in recent weeks. If you are heavily reliant on Facebook advertising, now could be a good time to start looking at other platforms like TikTok.

Try Advertising on TikTok

There are challenges when you advertise on TikTok – it is currently quite expensive, for example, compared to some other platforms.

But if you run an ecommerce store, TikTok is well worth looking into further. It may not turn out to be right for your business, but with the huge growth TikTok is experiencing, now is a great time to at least start taking notice.


(Image Source: Pixabay)