Top 5 tools to Improve Search Rankings
Posted by PNdigital

Search ranking is vital for any business or website. If you want to increase traffic and hits then you need to get your business on the very first page because anything beyond this could be considered to be the graveyard of search results because let’s face it, how many people go beyond the first page of Google? In most cases, searchers will use a different search term to obtain a different set of search results.


What this proves is that you need to do all you can to achieve the highest search ranking possible but to achieve this, you need to make use of the correct tools. Therefore, the following tools can help you to optimise your website so that it has the best chance of getting noticed by those who are doing the searching.


Page Speed Check Tool


The speed of your website is a crucial aspect and a slow website will get pushed down the search rankings. Therefore, Google PageSpeed Insights will provide you with a report on how your website is performing and how you can make improvements.


Google Search Console


This handy tool makes it possible to enhance the way in which your website is discovered. Through this tool, you can ensure that Google can access your site. So, if you have created a new element to your site such as a blog or an article, the Search Console will allow you to submit the URL. While Google stipulates that this will not guarantee it will be indexed, it will ensure that the crawling and indexing process is faster.


Keyword Research Tool


This is another useful tool from Google as it enables you to carry out keyword research for SEO purposes. It enables you to identify useful keywords that you can use and the results they might achieve. What’s more, it will also combine keywords, providing suggestions that are based on the product or service that you offer, the specific landing page or even a range of product categories.


Pro Rank Tracker


Another useful tool, it will enable you to track all of your keywords while providing insights into where your website ranks.


Image Optimization Tool


While images are a crucial aspect of your design, they can hamper the speed at which your website loads. Therefore, a tool such as TinyPNG can compress images resulting in faster loading speeds. It does this by decreasing colours in the image while reducing size but it doesn’t alter the quality.



This useful tool can help you to keep an eye on your competitor and what they are doing to enhance their search rankings. It makes it possible to find out what keywords they are ranking for and how you compare to them. Using these insights, you can make changes that you improve your SEO and begin to rank higher.


If you want to ensure that your website becomes a success then you need to tick all the right boxed when it comes to search engine optimisation. Get it right and you can reach the right audience with ease.