How We Achieved 8x more leads for a B2B SaaS Provider

How We Achieved 8x more leads for a B2B SaaS Provider

As a reputable B2B SaaS company, our client has a vast amount of potential. With their experience of identifying problems and seeking out solutions with their software, they can help to solve a magnitude of problems.

However, our challenge involved:

  • Ranking for top keywords
  • Enhance revenue growth
  • Improve lead generation
  • Help the business to grow organically


Approach One

Implement New Market Research

  • We utilise a range of tools such as Keyword Planner AHREFS and SEM Rush to seek any possible opportunities. We create new insights by utilising the historic search term report.
  • The analysis of competitor websites and ads allows us to identify new USP’s
  • Their budget formed a large part of the process and a clear understanding allowed us to ensure that they were not impacted by this.

Approach 2

Google Ads Account review

  • Their current campaign was driving traffic and generating leads but they had failed to implement a lead tracking process. As a result, their results were not completely manageable or tangible.
  • Their pay per click campaigns had been running for a few years and although they generated conversions and leads, most consisted of low quality and did not result in a good flow of sales opportunities.
  • They also wanted to create quality blog content but did not have the resources to do this. We found that they required the ability to access someone who could create this content for them.
  • Google Ads did not have specific keywords even though ad groups were created and included vast amounts of keywords. However, no focus was placed on USP’s and that meant that a high impression was not evident as quality scores were low. As a result, their ads were displayed regularly but this caused them to eat into their budget as this involved a 400% increase in Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Alarmingly, we also identified that this CPC was also incorporated throughout all keywords following our insight into the bidding strategy. As a result, the account was impacted negatively because the keywords that had a high conversion rate were not utilised correctly.

Approach 3

In-Depth Website Review

  • Using Google Analytics, we were able to identify the pages that users were able to find. As a result, we identified that the website was not receiving the number of hits that the client was expecting. This meant that they were missing out on potential business as they were falling behind competitors who were positioned on the first page Google. Bounce rate was also high and that also had an impact on their ranking.
  • We worked to identify USP’s within their website using a heat map tool and while we also sought out features that users wanted. This allowed us to identify exactly what users disliked.
  • We also identified drop off rates of specific pages using the behaviour flow tool from Google analytics. The enquiry page was highlighted as a potential problem as this is where many users would disappear.

Approach 4

Creating an Organic Search Campaign

  • With an online presence being hugely significant for the client, it was important that organic traffic was improved while ensuring the website moved up the rankings and made it onto page one of Google. As a result, we created an SEO campaign that would drive traffic up from their current 250k visits a month to something far more superior.
  • URL tracking was implemented across every campaign as a way of identifying what areas were working. This then enables us to fine-tune our strategy so that we could target those users in those areas. Essentially, this would allow the client to resonate with their target audience but also move beyond their competitors.
  • We improved their substructure, the negative user behaviour data, solved problems with the URL structure and poor Meta.
  • All content was migrated to a new domain and fresh content was made with the aim of ensuring users could find out as much about the company as possible from the number one search results page on Google.

Approach 5

Google Ads Account Rebuild

  • Ad extensions and expanded text ads were users with a focus on USPs and products.
  • We had the ability to take a deeper look into keywords through using three match types known as phrase match, exact and broad. This meant that each keyword was placed into a specific group. From here, the ads were made that used the keywords while still maintaining a focus on the USP’s. We utilised a heat map to undertake competitor research as a way of helping us and that allowed us to improve the quality score. As a result, it allowed us to make more ads available while driving down the CPC cost by as much as 700%
  • As bidding strategies were amended, it meant that high conversion rate keywords experienced a rise in CPC’s. Along with this, we also saw a reduction in CPC for keywords that had a low conversion rate.

Approach 6

We Developed a New Lead Generation Website

  • From the results we saw in Google Analytics, we were able to create a simple lead generation website. This would enable clients to interact with our client and their products with ease.
  • We have the scope to select the most active USP’s thanks to the head map and so, we used these within the design of the lead generation website, ensuring they were clear while we also used them on ads.

The Results

  • The budget increased by 43.65% when we compared it to the period of Nov-Jan 2018/19 to Nov-Jan 2019/20
  • Enquiries made online increased by 537%
  • The cost per conversion decreased by 181.34%
  • There were 8 x more leads
  • Additional 600k organic visitors per month
  • The company is now ranking on page one of Google for highly searched terms, placing them ahead of their competitors.


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