Keep Google “Happy” with these Top 10 SEO Best Practices

Want to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPS)? Of course you do!

Consider the following Google guidelines on SEO best practices and you’re golden:

1. Original and Unique Website Content

Forget spinning existing content or re-publishing old content in a “fresh way” – if you’re coming up with content that is new and unique, especially the kind that is relevant to the needs and desires of your target audience, you are making Google happy.

2. Create Appealing and Relevant Content

It’s one thing to craft unique and original content – however, that content needs to stand out in a way that appeals to your audience and paves the way for better user engagement. So create content that would encourage people to comment on your blogs, Twitter and Instagram posts, for example.

3. Work on your Meta Titles and Descriptions

If your content has the appropriate titles and descriptions, people will instantly know at a glance what it’s about, and will be coaxed to click on it.

Your Meta title should be 70 characters or less, with the Meta description being 160 characters or less. Use the appropriate primary keyword in both at least once.

4. Demonstrate Your Expertise

If you’re a trusted source of information, Google will always rank your website higher. You need to be able to demonstrate who you are in your respective niche, why you’re the “go-to” source for the target audience’s needs and why they should seek your services only.

5. Secure a 100% score for on-page SEO

Proper website optimisation is paramount to high search engine ranking and this is where on-page SEO comes in. Start by comparing your on-page SEO performance with your competitors, to identify areas of improvement.

To ensure that you’re 100% compliant with Google’s recommended on-page SEO practices, you may need to hire the services of a UK SEO agency.

6. Do Not Violate Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google studies every move you make online, and as such, if you violate any webmaster guidelines on purpose – thinking that you can outsmart Google to gain a few leads – you are dead wrong. Study and adhere to these guidelines at all times.

7. Keep Your Website “Fresh”

Google absolutely loves fresh content so stick to what you do best and update your content in a way that keeps you ahead of the curve. If its laptop reviews that you do, then run reviews on the latest models to keep your website fresh.

8. Avoid Spammy Link Building

Unless your links are from authoritative websites and built in a ‘natural’ way, your website ranking will suffer, as will your image. Natural links are always built through a webmaster and blogger to increase the visibility of your website’s subject matter, and not ‘purchased’.

Take some time to understand Google’s off-page SEO practices to build quality links.

9. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to better engage your current and prospective audience and promote the business, which will directly improve your search rankings. Enough said!

10. Stay in line with Current Trends

Google is constantly updating its SEO algorithms and you need to keep up. It’s always a good idea to have an SEO audit done on your website by hiring online marketing services in London.

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