How We Spearheaded Growth For a UK Law Firm – Enquiries up by +459.13%
Posted by PNdigital

As a specialist family law firm with a growing reputation, our client provides a range of legal services to those who need it.  They have a depth of knowledge and experience handling the complexities faced by families and individuals dealing with a family law issue.

Our challenge was:

  • To improve and reduce CPA throughout the desired location
  • Make improvements in revenue growth for a growing law firm
  • To make improvements in the way that leads are generated
  • Spearhead organic growth

The Approach

Approach One

Undertake New Market Research

  • We used a blend of keyword tools such as SEM Rush and Keyword Planner to identify potential opportunities. Through using the historic search term report, we gained new insights.
  • Through identifying and analysing competitors ads and websites we had the potential to seek out new USP’s.
  • We gained an understanding of their budgets which remained relatively steady throughout the year as they did not suffer from seasonal changes.

Approach 2

Review of Google Ads Account

  • We understood that their current structure of using text ads on law directories and magazines did not work while there was no ad extension implemented which made it difficult for the users to find the information they required.
  • Ads had no relevant keywords, despite ad groups being created with hundreds of keywords. There was no focus on USP’s either and this meant that quality scores were low and did not make a high impression, scoring 2/10. What this meant was that ads were shown frequently and this resulted in a 500% increase in Cost Per Clicks (CPC).
  • We found that the same CPC had been implemented across all keywords after gaining an understanding of the bidding strategy. Therefore, a lack of utilisation of keywords that had a high conversion rate meant that the account was negatively impacted. The ads needed better positioning which requires an increase in CPC’s. We also found that there was an increase in the cost of those keywords that had low conversion rates.

Approach 3

Detailed Review of the Website

  • The Google Analytics Account provided us with information on those pages that users were finding. We found that the website was not gaining as many hits or visits as the client had hoped. They were losing business because they were not competing with competitors on the first page of Google. Along with this, the bounce rate was high because they simply did not have the same authority as their competitors.
  • Using a heat map tool we had the ability to seek out USP’s on their website as well as features that had an appeal to users. This also gave us an insight into what users did not like.
  • Through using the behaviour flow tool from Google Analytics, we had the ability to identify drop off rates for certain pages. This indicated that a high number of sessions would end from the enquiry page which is crucial for any law firm

Approach 4

Implementing an Organic Search Campaign

  • We wanted to improve organic traffic while also helping their website get onto the first page of Google. Therefore, we implemented a solid SEO campaign.
  • We used URL tracking across all marketing campaigns to identify those areas that were generating leads. This enabled us to place a focus on those areas that appealed to users, making it possible to move ahead of competitors while connecting with their chosen audience.
  • Fixed core issues with URL structure, Sub Structure, Cannibalisation, Poor Meta, Poor CTR’s, poor user behaviour data
  • We also fine-tuned and moved all existing content to a new domain while creating new content. Our aim was to make sure that clients were able to find all of their services and areas of law on page one of Google.

Approach 5

Complete Rebuild of Google Ads Account

  • Focusing on USP’s and the services, we introduced expanded text ads and ad extensions
  • Using three match types known as phrase match, exact and broad, we had the ability to drill down into keywords where required. As a result, every keyword was added to a certain group. It was within these groups that ads were created to mirror the keywords while also ensuring that the focus was on the USP’s. We did this by utilising the heat map tool while research on competitors also assisted us. We then had the ability to enhance the quality score and that meant that more ads were available which meant that we reduce the CPC costs by as much as 650%.
  • High conversion rate keywords saw an increase in CPC’s after making changes to the bidding strategies. What’s more, we also saw a decrease in CPC’s for low conversion rate keywords.

Approach 6

Creation of a New Lead Generation Website

  • We decided to implement a simple yet effective lead generation website that was based on the results of the behaviour flow took in Google Analytics. This would include a short enquiry form while employees would also liaise with clients by phone.
  • The heat map made it possible for us to identify the strongest USP’s and these were applied on the lead generation website above the fold as well as on ads

The Results

  • We saw an increase in the budget of 41.24% when we compare the period of nov-Jan 2018/19 to Nov-Jan 2019/20
  • online enquiries increased by 459.13%
  • There was a decrease of 139.52% in cost per conversion
  • The law firm is now covering multiple areas with the hope of moving into other areas
  • The firm now ranks for major seed keywords in this highly competitive industry as well as a large number of variations