How we increased leads by 113.53%+ for a national boiler installation company
Posted by PNdigital

Our Challenge includes:

  • To significantly lower CPA’s throughout all target locations
  • To enhance all organic traffic as well as search rankings for an array of competitive keywords
  • To assist in the growth of revenue for a highly reputable boiler installation company
  • To drive growth in lead generation

The Approach We Adopted

Approach 1

Carry out research on new markets

  • As a way of seeking new opportunities, we analysed many of the top competitors using keyword planner and an array of third-party tools such as SEM Rush. Along with this, we also gained new insights by analysing the historic search term report.
  • As a result of much of the work being seasonal, as boilers tend to break down less during the summer months, we had to actively plan budgets to deal with the annual variations.
  • The analysis was undertaken on competitors’ ads and their websites by way of seeking out USP’s.

 Approach 2

Google Ads Account Review

  • We worked to refine the current structure while breaking down the most successful keywords into match types. We gave each one a specific ad group as well as hyper-targeted ads. We also had to carry out additional keyword research because there was a limit on the number of keywords. As a result, we could seek out new opportunities and also update the ad copy so that it could be expanded into responsive ads and not just standard text ads.
  • A thorough review was carried out on the location report although bid adjustments were not put in place for any location and this meant that certain areas experienced increased CPA’s when compared with others.
  • We also reviewed their bidding strategy. As a result, we found that the bid strategies varied but adjustments were not made in order to meet the CPA targets of the client. Therefore, this meant that those keywords that had high conversion rates were not being utilised correctly via enhanced ad positioning. Those keywords that had a low conversion rate were costing too much money as they generated a minimal amount of leads.

Approach 3

Clients Website Review

  • We were able to understand the user journey by using the all-time data from the Google Analytics account. As a result, we found that the average duration of each session was high and the bounce rate was lower than 25%. This told us that the content was informative and connected with visitors.
  • When we made use of a heat map tool, we had the potential to see key USPs that connected with users. We found that 0% finance was a real focus for users as well as £0 deposit deals, something that other competitors were not offering at that moment in time.
  • We also had the ability to remove other ‘hooks’ that were not favoured by users by identifying then through analytics analysis. As a result, we were able to implement USPs that we could experiment with.

Approach 4

Organic Search Campaign

  • We developed a robust SEO campaign that was designed to enhance organic traffic as well as search engine rankings.
  • As a way of outranking competitors, we had to develop a custom-built campaign while ensuring that we targeted other audiences.
  • We brought together link building, on-page optimisation and CRO efforts to boost keyword rankings as well as conversions.
  • Multiple pages of unique and quality content were created to enhance organic growth

Approach 5

Rebuild of Google Ads Account

  • As a way of seeking new opportunities, we undertook additional keyword research. To begin with, we identified terms that had high conversion rates from the all-time data. We then identified other variants such as interest-free boilers or pay monthly boilers and implemented these as a way of improving lead volume while also meeting the CPA targets of the client.
  • We also optimised the user location report with lower adjustments being applied to high CPA locations. While we also applied higher adjustments to low CPA location.
  • As a way of maximising leads, we changed the bidding strategy while high conversion rate keywords such as boiler finance or boiler installation had their CPC’s increased.
  • We also included responsive and expanded text ads to the updated ad copy with the goal of improving CTE. Along with this, we also implemented new hooks as way of carrying out split testing.

Approach 6

Introduction of Custom Intent Campaigns

  • An agreement was made to test custom intent campaigns and this was based on the enhanced performance of the website as well as the identification of key USPs that other competitors did not offer. This form of advertising made it possible for us to target the URL’s of competitors as well as searches at a lower CPC’s


The Results

  • There was a 77.10% increase in the budget when comparing Nov-Jan 2018/19 to Nov-Jan 2019-20
  • There has been a 113.53% increase in online enquiries
  • Through the help of custom intent, there has been a reduction of 16.97% in cost per conversion.
  • As it currently stands, this is in place across six counties – Essex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. By the end of June 2020, we have plans to roll this out into another four counties.
  • In order to deal with enquiries, the team has been expanded to double its size.
  • There has been a vast increase in search presence as well as brand awareness. Along with this, lead generation and conversions have also increased.