Five Reasons How Your SaaS Business Can Benefit From SEO

Software as a service or SaaS as it is also known involves software that is hosted on a remote computer with customers paying to use it. The industry is growing and so, it makes it especially important for businesses to stand out which is where an SEO strategy created by an SEO agency London can help, but how?

You Can Reach A Wider Audience

You might have a great product but if nobody knows about it then it’s essentially useless. Through targeted SEO for SaaS companies, you can reach your target audience with ease. This will mean that you will appear in search results and that will help to enhance the visibility of your product. What’s more, as momentum grows, even people who do not know your product will know all about you.

Increase Website Traffic

B2B SEO services can help to drive SaaS growth and once you get to the top of the SERPs, you can see traffic increase by over 31%. Through the correct strategies and approach, you can help your Saas business achieve the number one ranking position and once you begin to see the results, you will instantly understand just how crucial SEO is to your SaaS business.

Stand Out From Competitors

With high ranking comes trust because more people trust businesses that sit at the top of the results page when compared to those that sit lower down. It’s highly likely that your competitors are already making moves when it comes to improving their rankings. Increasing customers via inbound marketing is one of the most influential long-term strategies that SaaS companies should adopt. Inbound marketing involves attracting customers by using techniques such as content marketing or SEO. If you fail to implement an SEO strategy then it’s likely that your competitors are going to take any potential customers.

Increase Subscriber Figures

A tailored strategy can help you to target your chosen audience and some companies are seeing a significant increase in conversions, especially those that have implemented content marketing as part of their SEO strategy. When potential customers seek out solutions that your product could solve, the higher you rank, the more you are likely to influence their decision to use you. Therefore, a strategy that uses articles instead of ads can influence 8 out of 10 decision-makers to choose your product. What’s more, as much as 90% of B2B buyers believe that online content has more of an effect on their purchasing decision when compared to ads. What this means is that content that resonates with your audience can have a huge influence on their purchasing decisions.

Reduce Your Spend On Paid Advertisements

SaaS companies can often see much of their marketing budget disappear when they use paid advertisements. While these can be hugely effective at the beginning, as the company grows, businesses will need to move from paid advertising to SEO strategies that work in the long-term and are more cost-effective. Once SaaS businesses stop spending on paid strategies, traffic and leads will disappear. However, an effective SEO strategy will continuously work to drive customers to your business and product.

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