Digital Marketing made easy for Law Firms: Top 5 Hacks

In today’s digital space, one of the most critical factors that decide the success of a law firm is establishing trust online.
If people can’t find you on the first page of Google with a 5-star rating, then you are essentially missing out on a massive market which could potentially have been yours.
Here are five hacks you can try in order to start seeing positive results from your digital marketing campaigns:

1. Your website says it all, really

Law firms in particular need to be very vigilant and forward-thinking when it comes to building a website that people can not only discover easily but also trust.
After all, this is where people get in touch with you, so you need to have high-quality and keyword-rich content on your website.
Your website also needs to be an accurate and honest reflection of what your law practice is all about, the values you live by and so on. A free FAQs section, for example, can build further credibility and bring more clients to you.

2. Know how to optimise for SEO

This cannot be stressed on enough: get your SEO right, and you’re essentially halfway there.
Search engine optimisation done properly can absolutely work wonders for law practices, especially when you work with an SEO agency to help you with optimisation aspects like targeting the right keywords, categorising your website appropriately, doing on-page and off-page SEO correctly, etc.

3. Social media is your friend

Is every business on social media today? You bet!
Big or small, your law firm needs to have a commanding presence on social media. To help you maintain a professional-looking and authoritative profile on popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook, an SEO agency in London can help.
The thing with social media is that it offers a bridge between you and your ideal audience, which in turn, helps to build relationships before a potential client even becomes a customer. So it’s important to keep your messaging ‘targeted’ and find smart ways to connect with your audience.

4. Develop a robust content marketing strategy

Other than explainer videos and other downloadable content to help your visitor ‘settle in’, you need to work on a comprehensive content marketing strategy to build a solid online reputation and climb up search engine rankings.
Building quality backlinks and writing unique content that your audience finds useful to read are two common ways of boosting rankings – as are frequent blog and press release publishing. A professional SEO agency London can help you accomplish all this and much more.

5. Speaking of blogs

Many law firms underestimate the power a blog serves as a marketing tool. Your blog is, in fact, a PR-building platform which can help you garner better authority, trust and integrity around your law firm. When customers see that you’re maintaining an active presence online and offering them content specific to their local area, it can massively boost your brand recognition.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. An SEO agency with years of digital marketing experience can take your brand name to new heights.

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