How We Increased Online Enquiries by +659.26% for an Insurance Service Provider

As a leading Diminished Value Specialist, our client has assisted a vast number of clients to make claims against their car insurers. Their service includes carrying out post-collision inspections as a way of identifying the financial implications that occur following a collision.

Our challenge was:

  • To decrease CPA across the focused location
  • To enhance revenue growth for a leading diminished value specialist
  • To increase organic traffic
  • To increase the generation of leads

The Approach

Approach 1

Carry Out New Market Research

  • Using keyword planner as well as third-party tools such as SEM Rush, we had the ability to seek out new opportunities. We also gained new insights by analysing the historic search term report.
  • We analysed competitors ads and websites to identify significant USP’s.
  • Changing seasonal requirements ensured that we needed to identify how budgets would change throughout the year.

Approach 2

Google Ads Account Review

  • As it currently stood, the structure only consisted of text ads and there was no ad extension in place. As a result, information was limited for the user.
  • A few ad groups were created with hundreds of keywords being added to them and ads had no relevance to the keywords. Along with this, the ads did not utilise the key USP’s. This had a negative impact on quality scores while it achieved a 1/10 score for high impression keywords. As a result, ads were not frequently shown which means that there was a 400% increase in the Cost Per Clicks (CPC)
  • We reviewed the bidding strategy and found that the same CPC had been applied to all keywords. This caused the account to be negatively impacted as the keywords that had a high conversion rate were not being utilised correctly via enhanced ad positioning which requires an increase in CPC’s. Along with this, those keywords that had low conversion rates were costing more while generating minimal leads.

Approach 3

Clients Website Review

  • Specific pages that users were landing on were identified using all time date from the Google Analytics account. The duration of the session was high while page visits were also high although the bounce rate was below 35% and considered low. Despite this, enquiries were not being submitted by users through the website.
  • We implemented our heat map tool and identified features and USP’s on their website that appealed to users. This also enabled us to identify what did not appeal to them.
  • We were able to identify drop off rates for specific pages by using the behaviour flow tool from Google Analytics. When we investigated this further we found that 99% of sessions would drop off from the enquiry form page.

Approach 4

Organic Search Campaign

  • We developed a sturdy SEO campaign that was designed to enhance organic traffic as well as improve search engine rankings.
  • Resolved technical seo issues
  • Used strong link building to improve off site SEO
  • Optimized website content to improve user engagement

Approach 5

Rebuild of Google Ads Account

  • We implemented expanded text ads as well as ad extensions, ensuring we could enhance the services on offer as well as USP’s.
  • We created three match types known as phrase match, exact and broad, allowing us to break down keywords accordingly. Every keyword was assigned a specific group ad and within these groups were ads that reflected the keyword while also ensuring that vital USP’s were highlighted. This was achieved using the heat map tool as well as carrying out research on competitors.
  • This enabled improvements in the quality score which resulted in more ads being shown and the CPC’s costs reducing by 600%.
  • We altered the bidding strategy while there was an increase in CPC’s for high conversion rate keywords. CPC’s were also decreased for keywords that had a low conversion rate.

Approach 6

Creation of a New Lead Generation Website

  • We decided to implement a simple yet effective lead generation website that was based on the results of the behaviour flow took in Google Analytics. This would include a short enquiry form while employees would also liaise with clients by phone.
  • The heat map made it possible for us to identify the strongest USP’s and these were applied on the lead generation website above the fold as well as on ads

The Results

  • The budget was increased by 30.58% when comparing the period of Nov-Jan 2018/19 to Nov-Jan 2019/20.
  • There was an increase of 659.26%+ in online enquiries
  • Cost per conversion saw a decrease of 139.22%
  • We are now active across several areas with the hope of expanding into other areas
  • Organic traffic has increased by +238% with the client ranking in the first position of Google for many keywords
  • The client often does not have time to attend our meetings as they are so busy managing enquiries