How We Increased Enquiries by +282.62% For a Leading Contractor Training School

Our client is considered to be one of the top contractor training schools in Florida. The school has helped many of its students become fully qualified tradesmen. To offer their training, they provide students with the chance to use online course, rent books and take advantage of face-to-face tutoring.

The challenge is to:

  • Drop CPA’s throughout the location they are targeting
  • Enhance the growth of revenue as one of the most highly-reputable contractor schools
  • Increase organic search presence
  • To drive the generation of leads

The Approach

Approach 1

Carry Out Research on New Markets

  • Utilising third-party tools such as SEM Rush and keyword planner, we could identify potential opportunities. We also carried out a review of the historic search report to gain new insights.
  • We dealt with the variation of seasonal budgets, as the sector experiences a number of career changes taking place during January.
  • Analysis was undertaken on competitor ads and websites as a way of seeking USP’s.

Approach 2

Google Ads Account Review

  • Call-only ads seemed to be the main focus of the current structure which meant that desktop and tablet reach was extremely limited. This was down to the fact that the client was unable to drive conversions through their website.
  • A wide range of keywords we added to one ad group. The ads were not relevant for a large percentage of the keywords while there was no mention of the USP’s on the ads. As a result, both had a negative impact on quality scores and that lead to an increase in the cost per clicks.
  • A review of the bidding strategy enables us to determine that all keywords had the same CPC applied to them. This results in the account being negatively impacted because keywords that had high conversion rates were not benefitting from maximisation through enhanced ad positioning which requires CPC increase. Therefore, there was a lot of spend on keywords that had a low conversion rate and a low number of leads which required decreases in CPC.

Approach 3

Clients Website Review

  • It was possible to identify specific pages from the all-time data from the Google Analytics account that users were landing on. It also identified that the number of page visits was low while the average session duration was low. In contrast to this, the bounce rate was over 85%.
  • Using our heat map tool, we were able to look at their website and identify those USP’s and features that appealed to users. Along with this, we were able to identify what was not working.
  • We also identified that the shopping cart had a high abandonment rate of more than 90%.

Approach 4

Organic Search Campaign

  • We designed a solid SEO campaign that helped to increase organic traffic as well as improve the ranking with search engines.
  • As the market is highly competitive, we designed a campaign that would outrank competitors while also reach a wider audience.
  • Through link building, on-page optimisation and CRO, the aim was to significantly enhance keyword rankings, search traffic and conversions.
  • All website content was refreshed while an advanced content generation strategy helped to enhance growth.

Approach 5

Rebuild of Google Ads Account

  • With a focus on targeting all devices including desktops and tablet, we rebuilt campaigns with the aim of ensuring all leads were maximised.
  • We broke down all keywords into three match types known as phrase match, exact and broad match modifier. All keywords we assigned a dedicated ad group. All groups had a ads that reflected the keyword while also placing a focus on bold USP’s that were identified using the heat map tool and research on competitors. This enabled us to take advantage of improving the quality score which reduced the cost per clicks.
  • Changes were made to the bidding strategy while we increased CPC’s for high conversion rate keywords while there was also a decrease in low conversion rate keywords.

Approach 6

Website Created for Lead Generation

  • Using the high shopping cart abandonment rate, we decided to implement a lead generation website that was simple and short with employees taking orders via the phone.
  • The results of the heat map indicated the most effective USP’s. Therefore, they were implemented above the fold on the lead generation website we created. Along with this, they were going to be implemented on the ads, helping to create a theme that was both relevant and strong.
  • The heat map also identified that users preferred a local number. To overcome this, we implemented a local number and made sure that the domain name was familiar.

The Results

  • There was a decrease in the budget of -5.38% when Nov-Jan 2018/19 was compared with Nov-Jan 2019/20
  • There was also an increase of +282.62% in online enquiries
  • The cost per conversion saw a decrease of 60.7%
  • We are now covering several areas with the aim of moving into more areas by the end of this year.
  • The website ranks on page 1 Google for hundreds of keywords with the majority in the top 3 positions organically
  • The team has also increased in size