How we grew an e-commerce store to over 250k+ monthly visitors

This case study is going to explore how we worked to help an online store increase their traffic to over 250k visitors per month over the course of 18 months, resulting in their net revenue increasing from £58,000 a month to over a whopping £600,000 per month.

Insight into the E-Commerce Store

As an online e-commerce store, it sells items that are valued from £40 to £200. However, the store was actively relying on paid traffic and it was not benefiting from any organic traffic.

They approached with us with their main objective being to increase their sales and revenue. This is where we instantly realised that we had a lot of potential with this e-commerce store.

We Carried Out an SEO Audit

Before we even consider any form of action, we need to determine their current position and what is preventing them from growing and thriving. As a result, we carry out a detailed SEO audit.

Fortunately, we found that this store had the potential to experience exponential growth organically as they lacked any kind of SEO presence. We found that they were in desperate need of quality content and links, amongst a range of other SEO factors.

Keyword Research Analysis

At this point, we were in a position to carry out keyword research. This is where we identify keywords that they are beginning to rank for but are not yet finding themselves at the top of search results with search engines. This provides us with a good place to begin our process because this is where we can often work quickly to achieve faster results.

We identified a number of competitive search terms we could rank the store for while also benefiting from targeting some less competitive search terms to help build authority for the website sooner.

The URL’s that we identified consisted of a range of category pages, blog content and product pages. Therefore, we worked closely with our client to ensure that we identified specific targets that would help to enhance the reach of the store as quickly as possible.

Competitive Gap Analysis – Identifying Competitor Keywords

We then took a proactive approach to identify additional keywords that competitors are ranking for but our client was not. This is a vital step in the process as it enables us to create new keywords that makes it possible to rank with new content.

When compared to other sites, the competitive gap analysis is different because when we carry out the analysis, the results often display a wide range of products that not relevant. Therefore, we utilise the knowledge of our clients to identify targets that ensure that we are using keywords that completely relate to the products that they offer.

As a result, we found some excellent keywords that were perfect for use in a wide range of content but content that we knew would get results and conversions.

Executing the SEO Strategy

In general, this was a campaign that enabled us to work in a typical way but still, it required expertise and an understanding whereby we created consistent content and built links to their store.

During the first three months, we maintained the same strategy and this meant that we:

  • Created in-content links with a focus on delivering quick results through the use of diverse anchor text.
  • Place an emphasis on creating content that contained target content that had around 1,000 words each, all of which provided direct content that related to specific products they sold.

Moving forward

After we had created the correct blog content, which consisted of lengths of around 1,000 words of informative content, we found ourselves in a position where we could carry out some intricate link building that enabled us to enhance search engine results. The positive from this is that we have a significant amount of content that we can now utilise and work with. By following our SEO strategy, we have identified that Google is beginning to open doors and so, we are now seeing that we are achieving significant results through search alone:

Furthermore, we started to see significant increases in traffic levels to the store results with the monthly visits now approaching close to 300k visitors.

What Do We Know?

We have identified that e-commerce stores can benefit highly from SEO that can help them to rank for valuable keywords and immensely increase their revenue.

As an SEO agency, we can help your ecommerce store to rank on Google for your targeted products. Whether you’re a start-up looking to take the first step online, or an established store looking to scale your store to the next level we can help with our highly advanced SEO services.