Companies are working hard to be awarded their Premier Google Partner badge. To achieve this status which can be displayed proudly on websites, they must attain Google Ads certifications for their staff. But just why is it essential to work with a Google Partner, and what does it mean for those who have their Google Partner badge?


In order to attain a Premier Google Partner badge, there are specific criteria advertisers must have which qualifies them to be a Google partner. It is also linked to a higher spending level and particular requirements of the performance. Our staff have taken their certification in Google Ads so you can be sure that we are fully qualified to manage your account to the highest standard and delivering an optimum ROI.

To further enhance the experience, our team members are also qualified in search and mobile advertising. Therefore, these specific product areas can be studied in-depth, giving the team member who has been certified even more skills when assisting clients in creating their adverts that are optimised for both mobile and desktop users.

We also think there are many benefits to working with a Google partner so here are six that demonstrate why it is so important.

  • Certified Account Managers reassures you that you are in the best hands. In order to maintain the status, Google will periodically renew certifications which means our team members are constantly brushing up skills and learning. 
  • The Masters of Ads Features means that analytics staff have reached specific standards when it comes to understanding site links inside ads, phrase match keywords, negative keywords, add extensions, fraud matched modified keywords, split testing with Google Ads and more. 
  • Beta Access is something that is also exclusively available to Premier Google Partners. So, when they launch an application or feature for the first time, we can test and use the feature for periods of up to 12 months before it goes public. This means our clients can also have access to these fantastic Google marketing features long before their competition.
  • We Queue Jump in the nicest possible way. We have access to our own Google agency team. So, we can contact them at any time, and we don’t have to join a queue. Any issues can be immediately rectified. For example, if your site struggles with a malware attack, your Ads campaign will be suspended; this means you would be losing revenue until we can get them reactivated. Generally, this is a process that can take days, but we can get this sorted immediately because of our queue-jumping abilities.
  • We also have to demonstrate how we deliver best practices. There are various ways this can be achieved, split testing on ads to see which attracts the best response or making sure we have multiple ads on each campaign that are using different keywords. Again, this is not optional, but our customers get the benefit.

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