The benefits of SEO
Posted by Mark Coates

As businesses in the UK learn more about SEO, they are coming to realise its importance in their rankings against larger brands. This is why they are steadily incorporating it into their strategies. Not only can SEO bring a user in contact with a specific brand, but it can also help that brand stand out against their competition. Besides that, there are many more benefits a firm can gain using an effective SEO strategy. In this article, we will cover a few common examples.

Benefits that a Solid SEO Strategy Can Do for a Brand

1 – SEO boosts organic traffic

The biggest benefit that can be seen is that SEO can drive organic traffic to a website. Whilst paid traffic can be very effective, once you stop paying Google (or any other platform) your brand is immediately non-existent.  Furthermore, SEO carries a far higher click through rate (CTR) meaning that you can generate far more traffic from the same keyword as you would on paid ads. 

2 – It builds customer trust and relevance

When a company invests in SEO, it adds to their brand trust. Businesses that advertise on paid channels can show up one minute and then disappear the next. Customers are savvy enough to know this which makes them think twice about purchasing from that company. However, when you show up organically in the rankings your customers know that you have spent the time and resources to get there. You’re a business that has probably been around for some time and this makes you’re a much more trustworthy brand. 

3 – SEO is often more cost effective with a higher long-term ROI

SEO doesn’t rely on bidding on keywords. This makes it a far safer strategy to invest in. Why? If suddenly your competition start bidding more for a click then you can be forced to pay this too. This can eat into your profit margins and for some businesses it can force them out the market. With this, SEO can be a long-term investment with a solid return.

4 – It is easy to measure

SEO is an easy process to measure. The company or organisation can easily track the results to determine if their SEO strategies are effective. This can be done with SEO reporting tools or SEO analytics. This is important because the business can easily determine if there is an increase in leads, sales, or even interaction from the target audience. If a brand has a good SEO strategy, it should be able to see a steady flow of engagement.

5 – It provides a steady source of leads

SEO can also drive a steady source of business leads. As mentioned, organic traffic is much more likely to convert into sales. This makes it much easier to generate sales, leads, and traffic. It is possible to see a conversion rate of traffic by using website analytics. This can be done by tracking the number of people that visit a site, how they found it, and what they do once they are on the site.


While it may take some time to see results, SEO can be an excellent source of traffic and business leads. This traffic can be used by a brand to generate leads and new sales. If an SEO strategy is utilised well, a business or organisation can reap the rewards. If you are curious about how SEO can help your business, reach out to a professional and see what they can do for you.

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