How to launch an NFT
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How to Launch an NFT

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital asset that cannot be copied and is recorded in a blockchain to guarantee its authenticity. As such an NFT becomes that rarest of things: a one-of-a-kind digital creation. Just as a Rembrandt acquires much of its incredible value because of its one-of-a-kind nature, so too an NFT achieves much of its value because there is only 1 in existence.

Although they first appeared on the scene in 2014 most people, even NFT aficionados, have little idea how to launch an NFT. Below, the team at PNdigital will provide a brief explanation.

How to Launch an NFT

It is estimated that the current market for NFTs is in excess of $40 billion, or almost the same as the fine art market. But how to launch an NFT and take advantage of this new interest? Here are 5 things that should help ensure your NFT has a successful launch.

1: Create a community – You will find launching an NFT to be much easier if it is an offshoot of a larger community-building effort focused on your particular skills or interests.

2: Educate – Once you’ve created your community you will need to dedicate some time to educating them about NFTs, what they are and why those community members should want to buy in.

3: Create a compelling piece of art – Even if your target audience are well-acquainted with NFTs they aren’t going to commit to yours unless the artwork appeals to their interests or sensibilities.

4: Create value – What sort of value will people receive if they buy into your NFT creation? For example: People who buy 3 of Sylvester Stallone’s SLYGuys get to meet the actor. What will you offer?

5: Create a roadmap – An NFT roadmap will enable you to keep potential investors up-to-date on your long-term plans. This, in turn, will ensure they are there with you when you drop new NFTs etc.

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