Google Best SEO Practices; How to Keep Google Happy

In order to be in the top ranking, you need to keep Google happy. Google is the world’s biggest search engine and your website requires its attention. If you are in a search of secret formula than it is nothing!

Simply you have to adhere to best search engine standards, and implement over your website, according to the guidelines of Google.

Here are 10 rules that can. Bring your good standard.

  1. Feed your website with Original and Unique content

You may be seen this line original and unique content, this is an important area that requires full attention. If anyhow your website increases chances for higher rank, that would be possible with the quality and original content only. You will get a number of content marketing ideas, but the thumb rule is you can only satisfy the terms and conditions of Google when you feed your website with unique and original content.

So, it’s better to spend 70% of your time on the content and rest time for other tasks.

  1. Appealing content 

It doesn’t matter how much original and unique content you are providing until it is engaging and appealing for the audience. Your content should have the ability to stand out through the engagement of users. This can address on-site comments, or comments from Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  1. Make Good titles and descriptions

If it comes to SEO, most mentioned points are descriptions and titles. Your description and title describe your content is related to what. The public will click over your website if your title and descriptions will give them a glance about your content and if they feel worth time spending with your website.

Here is the guide about title and description

Title length should be less than 70 characters and not more than 160 characters. Make sure your every page should have a unique description and title, with the keyword stuffing. If the local audience is your target recommend both titles and descriptions.

  1. Ask your expertise for help 

Experience brings quality and expertness. You work will show how many experts you are. Google don’t compromise with the quality and always seek trusted sources. And if you think you’re slipping somewhere you can seek the help of the experts.

The website is not anonymous; you need to demonstrate who you are and why customers should trust you. If your work is appealing and you can convince the audience to trust, automatically Google will trust you.

  1. Give 100% score for on-page SEO

Website optimization is important for search ranking, and it is determined by the On-Page SEO.

It should be your first check if you want top rankings while evaluating your presence on the internet. Compare you are an on-page performance with other companies so that you can figure out better ideas. So you need to be 100% compliant when it comes to on-page SEO. For this hire a Best Seo Agency in UK to get the excellent results out from the box.

6. Do not dare to violate Google webmaster guidelines

Google has its eyes on every activity, don’t think you can hide. Though the Google search console, Google keep every guideline violating activity in consideration. This may happen when you are unaware of the guidelines, and without knowing you violate the guidelines, and if you are doing this with knowing or believing this is the factor way to achieve good rank or generate more leads then you are on the wrong. Ifyou want to save yourself from allunwanted troubles, then spend some time over the google webmaster guidelines. It’s good if you don’t take shortcuts and follow the rules if you want positive results.

  1. Keep your website fresh

Keep your website fresh with fresh content as Fresh content is loved by Google. Be consistent for your content, this you can stand out in the competition. Fresh content is Google’s SEO factor and included in the guidelines of Google. Stick with your niche and update your content according to the competition. For example, if you are running a website of laptop reviews, you need to run the reviews about the latest models of the laptop so that Google considers your content as a fresh peace.

  1. Try to avoid Forget Spammy Link building

Link building is an important part of SEO, but from where and how. For instance, link building is not going to rank the website, rather if you build spammy links this can destroy your image. This doesn’t mean that Google does not consider the link building factor. Yes, links are considered as an important part, but if they are from authoritative websites and are natural. If you are not sure about these two types of links, be sure first about the natural and artificial created links. Natural link is always created by a webmaster and blogger, to increase the visibility of subjects of contents, but artificial link has no specific points and doesn’t match with the existing content.  If you are purchasing the links from other webmaster’s this can harm your position or brand image. So always try to get links within violating any kind of guidelines. Understand about the off-page SEO and it’s techniques so that you can earn quality links.

  1. Use social media as a major tool 

Officially it is not announced which is the best social media platform, that influences the better rankings. But still, social media is a great way to promote your website and engage more public.

As social media is an appropriate way, to engage the public with the brand.

  1. Sync with latest trends

The finest way to take advantage of Google SEO is to be updated with the latest trends. Google keeps updating its algorithms to combat the competition. If you want to avoid unpleasant situations its better if you keep your website updating with the latest trends. With the rising competition, if you want to stand out, you need to fill ever small information about the SEO trends. Try SEO audit for your website to know about the new trends and go for Online Marketing Services in London.

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