How we Helped a Herbal Medicine Company Increase online sales by 1452.74% within 8 months

Our client operates in the herbal medicine niche and sells products to customers online. Their service is designed to give customers access to their range of products.

Our Challenge Was:

When the client came to us, we could see that they had already built a good platform and that they had a current eCommerce business and a website that was well designed. However, when it came to getting recognised online and building their reach, SEO fell down their list of priorities. So, we took the decision to:

  • analyse their existing SEO strategy
  • identify what they were doing, how they were doing it and where improvements could be made
  • Make changes to create a new strategy to help them increase organic traffic, enhance revenue and generate sales.

The Approach

Approach 1

User Experience

  • We made small changes to the placement of images and colours. The aim is to ensure that the user experience was more enjoyable and that would lead to more conversion
  • As more people are now using their smart devices, we made phone numbers clickable
  • Made email addresses clickable and changed the size of the font to improve readability and access
  • Shadow boxed CTA’s and made them more prominent across the entire site

Approach 2

Technical Auditing

  • Google Index Management was an integral part of ensuring that their old website was removed from Google.
  • We prevented the duplication of pages and made sure that the XML sitemap was added to robots.txt.
  • We also removed meta keywords that were no longer required.
  • The index also contained HTTP pages and URL parameters which caused the index to remain bloated. So, we specified the URL parameters in the Google Search Console

Approach 3

Content Review and Keyword Research

  • We looked for duplicate content and found that there were some issues. This meant that some of the site was not being found by Google.
  • We created new content for product descriptions, ensuring they were completely unique
  • Furthermore, we also carried out keyword research, ensuring that the content could be recognised by search engines.

Approach 4

Link Building

  • We incorporated a blog into the design of their site and that enabled us to create links between the blog and their category pages.
  • This helped to generate topic relevance
  • We also created better content and put a strategy in place to create more content each month.
  • Our aim was also to create content that is evergreen and would continue to be relevant. This means avoiding content that would include dates or times
  • Cleaned up unhealthy links and built high DA niche relevant links to improve the site authority

Approach 5

On-Page Optimisation

  • We carried out a thorough analysis on each page to identify exact-match keywords and partial match keywords. We then compared this to the top ten ranking pages for the same keywords in Google.
  • We looked at competitors to see how many common backlinks they had that linked to their domain. Along with this, we also looked at keywords they had in their page titles and H1 tags.
  • Page loading speed was also analysed to determine how it compared to pages that were ranked higher.

The Results

  • 1138 keywords ranking on page 1 Google with 818 in the top 3 positions.
  • Discarded shopping baskets decreased by 82.36%
  • Online sales rose by 1452.74%
  • Organic traffic has increased by 378% and now the client ranks on the first page of Google