How We Helped a Construction Company Double Profits and Increase Leads by 237%


SEO and PPC are a crucial part of growing a business online and attracting traffic and paying customers. As a leading SEO and PPC company, we understand the importance of SEO and PPC because Google has now become a pivotal tool for construction companies to attract more clients.

The Challenges

This client has been in the construction industry for many years. They recognised that they were not doing things right when it came to their online presence. It was important to determine where website visits had dropped and we also had to look at their competitors. We noticed instantly that competitor websites were ranking much better and as a result, their search engine ranking was having a significant impact on their turnover and the amount of business they were attracting.

The Solution

Our client in the construction industry had noticed that even though it had been focused on SEO initially that something had changed. This is because traffic to their website had decreased considerably to the point where enquiries had dropped and that had an impact on turnover.

After an initial discussion with the client, we focused on creating a solution that would help their website to rank well again with Google. We also wanted to look at ways in which we could also increase conversions.

We analysed the content on their website and recognised that it was not particularly strong when it came to keyword integration. So, we carried out keyword research to discover new, relevant keywords that would ensure that their content would match the search criteria of potential clients. In addition, we also placed a focus on creating keyword-rich landing pages that would assist with local SEO as this construction company also wanted to appeal to the local audience.

There were many instances where content had been duplicated and with that comes penalisation from Google, which means that they don’t rank well. So, it was vital to create brand new content that had all the necessary meta-data and engaged with search engines but also their target audience.

As a way of driving traffic to their website, we also created a PPC strategy. This allowed us to use this approach to target clients and ensure that their adverts were presented to the right people. However, these are ongoing strategies so these will be monitored and adapted so that the client can remain competitive and ahead of competitors, ensuring that they are visible online and have a presence when searchers look for their services online.

The Results

There were several outcomes that were achieved as a result of the SEO strategy and PPC campaign. During the first four months, the client was ranking on the first page of Google and this was done through the use of 437 keywords. This, along with the PPC campaign helped to increase traffic and as a result, the company has doubled its profits from the previous four months and has seen a 237% increase in leads.